Faith Over Fear

Do you ever ask The Universe, Spirit, God, Angels, or Guides for a sign? A sign they are hearing you? A sign of what to do next?
I ask all the time. I get them too. Spirit is always available to respond, always. We just need to be willing to look, listen, and acknowledge those signs.
One way I ask for guidance is by stating " Spirit, please open all doors for me to go through today, and close all that are not for my highest good, Thank You". Of course the easy things happen like meeting a new person and becoming good friends, talking with someone and finding out he is a Chiropractor and you needed one, or a road re-directing traffic to a different area and not being able to get to an appointment, then meeting the yoga instructor you have been hoping to meet.
Just ask for a sign. I always ask for three. Not sure why I do this but I have for years. For example, when I was starting a new place for Shear Energy Salon a few years ago. I asked for three specific things. 1) was that it would be in a healthy environment. 2) easily affordable and include all utilities. 3) and a mountain view for my clients. I was driving around looking at the opportunities in this small town and thinking, maybe there just isn't anything else available. I had a couple of options but I knew I was looking for three specific things. Those options only had two. Frustrated, unsure and getting nervous because I have clients waiting to get in, yet something inside says keep the vision.
Heading down to pick up some vitamins from my health care provider, in his building is a for rent sign. I ask about the place.The owner is available, had the keys to the unit, and asks if I want to see the place. Sure. We walk in and the first thing I see is a mountain view right out the window. I said, "I'll take it". I mean how much monthly? How much are utilities? Guess what, it had all three things I was asking for. "I'll take it". and I did..
Ask for signs, symbols, guidance. Then be willing to look, listen, and acknowledge.
Lights On my friends.

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  • Kathy

    This is a wonderful message. thank You

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