About Me

It is our intention and hearts desire to encourage, inspire and motivate others to create the life they truly desire. A happy, deeply fulfilling, abundant life with relationships that support and embrace the best parts of you. .
I have been a hair stylist for over twenty years now. Through these years I have come to realize that many, most people who came to me shared on such a deep level their lives, concerns, problems, successes, pleasures and desires. It was real clear to me early on that I was like a Psychologist of sorts, a counselor, cheerleader, and coach.
You are an individual expression of life. Each person has different lessons, guides and, Angels that work with you and through you. Do you believe Your Soul has a plan? Are you following that plan? Are you living the life you intended to Live With Passion? Everything can be changed by changing the Energy. Words are Energy. How and what you speak creates. The Universe then matches those vibrations.That's why we believe strongly in Inspiring words that will motivate and encourage us all to speak, act and love creatively.