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Faith Over Fear

Do you ever ask The Universe, Spirit, God, Angels, or Guides for a sign? A sign they are hearing you? A sign of what to do next?I ask all the time. I get them too. Spirit is always available to respond, always. We just need to be willing to look, listen, and acknowledge those signs.One way I ask for guidance is by stating " Spirit, please open all doors for me to go through today, and close all that are not for my highest good, Thank You". Of course the easy things happen like meeting a new person and becoming good friends, talking with someone and finding out he is a Chiropractor and you needed one, or a road re-directing traffic to a different...

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What Your Soul Knows

"What your Soul knows , it can heal" When your soul knows the "WHY" behind your question, then we are able to let it go and move forward. This maybe difficult to understand so let me give you my experience.I have had the wonderful blessing and honor of giving birth to an amazing, creative, passionate boy thirth two years ago. I appreciate this and cherish everything we have had together.Yet, I have always wanted that family.... The father-mother-children. I wanted the experience of creating something together, nurturing , feeding, teaching, loving, learning, growing, bonding, and all the beautiful wonders that can grow through this experience. The deep love that I believe can only be felt as parents. I desired to...

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"Gratitude Upgrade"

Have you ever been bopping around feeling great and then BOOM, something happens that effects how you feel? It could be something someone said, something you heard on the radio, or you saw. It could be anything really. Just something that created a shift in your FEELING GOOD to what I call "My Default Settings". These are the settings that run the program; the program without the upgrade. Programs such as:* I don't know and everything I want I don't know how to achieve.* I am all alone* Nothing I do matters* I never do anything right  I can be running one of these programs before I even realize it. When a deep sadness takes over and I am wondering what is going on, I can usually find one of these...

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