"Gratitude Upgrade"

Have you ever been bopping around feeling great and then BOOM, something happens that effects how you feel? It could be something someone said, something you heard on the radio, or you saw. It could be anything really. Just something that created a shift in your FEELING GOOD to what I call "My Default Settings". These are the settings that run the program; the program without the upgrade. Programs such as:
* I don't know and everything I want I don't know how to achieve.
* I am all alone
* Nothing I do matters
* I never do anything right 

 I can be running one of these programs before I even realize it. When a deep sadness takes over and I am wondering what is going on, I can usually find one of these darn programs running. Can you imagine feeling like " You are all alone and don't know what to do. That nothing you do matters because you can't do it right anyways." That is the program running the show? At this point upgrades are in desperate need, so other programs can run. Other programs such as:.
* I live a joyous, abundant, and prosperous life
*All my relationships are harmonious
*I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
*People are always there for me and helpful in every way
* What I do matters to me and to others
* It is wonderful to get up each day, knowing that I am smart in business and that whatever I do is a success

These programs are not capable of running effectively  on " My Default Settings"
I upgrade by downloading the "GRATITUDE UPGRADE". I begin immediately when I realize what programs are running the show. It upgrades like this:
* looking around and naming the things in my life I can see right now that I appreciate. This could be computer, slippers, chair etc.
* Acknowledging my food, shelter, and clothing to keep me warm, dry, and comfortable
* Great smells like, essential oils, soaps, shampoos, candles
* Them moving into the wonderful things like loving myself even though this program was running, a wonderful husband who is so good to me, my friends, family, ability to learn and grow. Having a choice, a choice to choose happiness now
* Choosing Happiness and Gratitude NOW. and so it is 

I believe if we find the default settings that are unable to run our version of a happy and joy filled life. Then spend a few minutes each day in "GRATITUDE UPGRADE". We will be on our way to a deeply fulfilling life, full of opportunities, friendships that are supportive, careers that offer greater meaning to the world, families sharing Love, Joy, Companionship, Communication, and personal growth..  GRATITUDE UPGRADE download now........

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