What is compassion?  Dictionary says, Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy or sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune.
When you feel compassion for another, where in your body are you feeling it? in the mind? The throat? The heart? Stomach? Legs, feet? Most people that I have spoke with about this subject, feelings of Compassion are feeling it in the heart space.
Lets say your dog gets hurt and is unable to walk for a couple days. You feel so bad for him. You can see he wants to get up and go play outside but its difficult and he is struggling. Oh your heart hurts for him. "COMPASSION" you can feel what that feels like for him to lay there, desiring, wishing, working hard at getting up. His foot is sprained and he is unable... You say what to him?
Maybe you let him know it will be okay. "Just a couple days of rest will do you good".  "You'll be up and going in no time". "You are such a great dog and I am sorry you are down". Sound close?
Compassion is something so many of us think and feel for others. What about for ourselves? We offer forgiveness and compassion, empathy and kind words to our family members, friends, spouse, and even our animals. Yet as I have been noticing with clients and myself as well, we offer very little compassion and understanding to ourselves. Sometimes none what so ever to our selves....
We are judgmental, harsh with words, beating up on ourselves for the tiniest mistakes. 
I heard somewhere that we don't beat others into alignment, into a better felling place. We love them into alignment. It seems so many of us are still applying the force vs. the gentle, kind, compassionate approach with ourselves.
We, you, yourself and me.......We need to share those feelings of compassion and kindness with ourselves. We matter. We are worth. We need love and understanding in this classroom of life.. As students, it is important to encourage ourselves with loving acts, loving words, and compassion on our hearts. When  we have compassion in our hearts for ourselves, then we will truly have it for others.. 
Begin with Compassion and move towards Forgiveness.
Hugs and Chocolates,