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Goddess Affirmation Candle
Goddess Affirmation Candle

Goddess Affirmation Candle

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Goddess Affirmation Candle is an earthy brown candle with a scent of woodsy patchouli. 2”x4” pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

When lighting your Goddess candle remove wrapper and place somewhere that you may read each time you light your candle. This sends the energies to the heavens, attracting that which you are sending out. When blowing out your Goddess candle, say Thank you for..... and repeat. You will begin to see miracles in your life. Their presence will surround you and you will begin seeing Goddess' everywhere.

The Goddess, Mother Earth, is constant in her nurturing support of life. She is the ultimate, unconditional loving mother that fills us with strength to sustain the trials of life. This candle honors her and unites us with her loving vibrations. 


Affirmation - I am filled with the strength, wisdom and abundance of the Goddess, uniting me with the rhythm and flow of life.